Reviewed: The Best House Sitting Websites in 2024

Find out which are the best house sitting websites to join.

by Layla
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Living rent-free in the Gold Coast, Australia by house sitting.

One of the questions we get asked the most is how do we get our amazing house-sitting jobs? Or where do we find them?

The answer is we live a very flexible, freedom-based lifestyle and we join the best house sitting websites.

Over our ten years of house sitting around the world, we’ve joined and tried out many of the best house-sitting websites that are out there.

Although some websites have better features than others, all house-sitting websites mostly offer the same thing:

Some are more user-friendly, some help you create a winning house-sitter profile, and some offer lots more house-sitting jobs than others.

So we’ve written this review of the best house sitting websites we’ve personally used, to make it easier for you to choose one to join.

We’ll break down the features of each house sitting website, list the pros and cons and cover who they might work best for.


How We Get Our House Sitting Jobs

Over the past few years, we have completed many house sitting jobs, in many different countries, including; Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Malaysia.

Here are the ways how we get our house-sitting jobs:

  • Homeowners contact us through our Facebook business page
  • People find us through a referral of someone we’ve housesat for
  • We find house-sitting jobs in Facebook groups

But the number #1 way we get our house-sitting jobs is, through our profiles on the various house-sitting websites, that we have joined.

It’s free for homeowners to join most of them and so we get lots of requests to do house sits all around the world. 

And that’s how we get rent-free accommodation — and get to stay in amazing houses like this one!

House sitting in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand


Reviewed: The Best House Sitting Websites in 2024

We’ve reviewed all of these house-sitting websites so you can easily choose which one to join. In this post, we cover several features of what each website offers including:

  • The housesitter membership fee
  • The range of house-sitting job listings
  • Resources for house sitters to help them get jobs
  • Features, ease and navigation of the website
  • Which house-sitting websites suit you 


** Our Pick for the Best House Sitting Websites is: TrustedHousesitters 🏆 **


1. TrustedHousesitters

  • Membership Fee: From $109 for House Sitters AND Homeowners
  • Countries covered: Worldwide/International house-sitting jobs
  • Website: TrustedHousesitters


TrustedHousesitters house sitting jobs listing page


Review of TrustedHousesitters

You’ll find more house sits on the TrustedHousesitters website than on all the other global house sitting websites combined.

Yep, they’re that good.

We can usually find a house sit anywhere in the world we want to go, on this house-sitting website. And there are always a lot of U.S. and UK house sit listings too.

Join TrustedHousesitters now using our link and get 12% off your membership!

We’ve had some amazing offers from homeowners on TrustedHousesitters.

We were offered a month in Bali, three weeks on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand and a month in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. I had such a tough time turning some of these down because we were already booked up! 😢

TrustedHousesitters is one of the most popular and well-known house-sitting websites that has quickly grown into an incredible worldwide community of pet lovers.

They help connect thousands of home and pet owners with caring and amazing house sitters, who will happily take care of their homes and pets in exchange for a free place to stay.

As a house sitter on TrustedHousesitters, you can do the following things to increase your chances of getting house sitting jobs:

  • Build an excellent profile with the option of adding many photos
  • Create an extensive ‘About Me’ section
  • Upload external references
  • Add an intro video to your profile

All of these features can make your house sitter profile stand out.

All house sitters can have detailed reviews left for them by the homeowner after they’ve completed a house sit assignment through TrustedHousesitters. As well as uploading their external references to help build their profile.

And a bonus if you’re in the US, all US sitters can have one of two standards of verification on their profile:

  • Standard Verification is given when your Email address, Phone number, External references and Identity documents are checked and verified.
  • Enhanced Verification is given when all of the above are verified plus a Criminal Background Check.

This gives homeowners extra peace of mind when looking for a house sitter and it also gives housesitters that extra edge when applying for the more popular and competitive house-sitting jobs.

House Sitters also get:

  • Free access to a 24/7 Vet Helpline
  • Live chat with a Trusted House Sitters support team member
  • Access to lots of free resources pre-house sit, during and post-house sit — to ensure sitters have everything to ensure a smooth house sit experience.


Trusted Housesitters membership features page



The great thing about TrustedHousesitters is both house sitters AND homeowners have to pay the membership fee on this website, which isn’t usually done on other websites.

This means the homeowners are much less likely to cancel their house sit assignment and both homeowners and house sitters are more likely to be committed to the arrangement from the get-go.

As a member I love being able to get all the new house sits emailed to me, a whole day before they’re published on the website — so I can have a chance to apply before others do.

CONS: The only thing about TrustedHousesitters that could be considered a con, is their membership is more pricey than some of the other house-sitting websites. 

Although considering the helpful sitter profile features you can use, the instant chat helpline and 24/7 Vet Support, we think for value for money, it’s more than worth it. 


Features that make TrustedHousesitters the best 

  • The largest and most trusted house-sitting website 
  • Ability to build an extensive and great-looking profile 
  • Free house sit alert email notification option 
  • house sitters get free access to 24/7 Vet Helpline 
  • Widest range of house sitting jobs available worldwide 
  • Beautiful and user-friendly website


That’s why we have ranked TrustedHousesitters as the overall BEST house-sitting website for finding the perfect house-sitting job! 🏆


Total TrustedHousesitters rating is 5/5:

🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶


Go to TrustedHousesitters Now



2. Mind My House

  • Membership or joining fee: $20 for House sitters and free for Homeowners
  • Countries covered: Worldwide/International house-sitting jobs
  • Website: MindMyHouse


Mind My House housesitting website front page

Mind My House


Review of Mind My House

Mind My House is a ‘mom and pop’ business and one of the original house-sitting websites.  

These guys have been going since 2005 and they started their business from a house in London, in the UK before moving to Island Bay, Wellington in New Zealand — I’ve been there and it’s a beaut of a place.

Mind My House offers the cheapest membership fee to house sitters at only $20 and is free for homeowners to join. They show all their member statistics updated in real-time on the homepage, so you can see how many house-sitting jobs there actually are available.

On the downside, because Mind My House has been going for a long time and is very well-known, this does mean there is a lot of competition between house sitters when applying for house-sitting jobs.

Often sadly, due to this, there are more sitters available than there are houses to sit.

I love the friendly community section on their website where all members can share their housesitting stories and ask questions or get advice.


Useful features that make this house sitting website the best

  • Cheap membership fee 
  • Good range of international house sitting jobs available
  • One of the original and most established house-sitting websites 


Total Mind My House rating is 3/5:

🐶  🐶  🐶  


Go to Mind My House Now



3. Nomador

  • Membership or joining fee: 79€ for 1 year for House sitters and Homeowners (or 29€ for 3 months)
  • Countries covered: International/Worldwide house-sitting jobs (heavy on European housesits)
  • Website: Nomador


Nomador housesitting jobs listing page


Review of Nomador

We find Nomador to be one of the best house-sitting websites, for finding worldwide house sits, especially in Europe.

Nomador founder Mariannig Ferrari set up Nomador when she came across the dilemma of finding someone to care for her pets whilst she was on holiday. On realising this was a problem faced by pet owners all over the world, the idea of house sitting and pet sitting was born and Nomador was established. 

Their website features trust profiles, excellent security features and recommendations only from other Nomador users, to create a secure and trusting community.  

The feature that makes Nomador unique is its free trial option. Nomador offers homeowners and house sitters a free trial called the Discovery Option. 

For a house sitter just starting, applying for housesits can be competitive, so this free trial option with Nomador is perfect for house sitters who want to try before they buy.

Let’s compare the first two tiers of Nomador membership:

  • The basic ‘Discovery’ membership for Nomador is 79 which gets you access to all the house-sitting jobs on their listings, for 1 year.
  • However, if you want to level up your house-sitter game, joining their ‘Standard’ membership for 139 gets you priority highlighting of your profile in the house-sitter search engine.  So you’ll be seen first, and you’ll receive instant offers from homeowners.

Nomador also features Nomador Stopovers Community which offers community members the option of a Stopover while travelling, very similar to Couchsurfing. 

The diversity of the house sit locations on Nomador is amazing. We’ve looked at housesits on French Polynesian islands, in Belize, Morocco and Bali.

Con: We found it a little too heavy on the European house-sitting jobs, and it is one of the more pricey membership fees. Although the huge range of house sits and extra profile features do justify it for us.


Useful features that make this house sitting website the best

  • Nomador Stopovers community 
  • Free ‘Discovery Trial’ option
  • Budget-friendly 3-month membership option
  • One of the largest trusted house-sitting websites 
  • Large range of international housesitting jobs


Total Nomador rating is 4/5:

😺   😺   😺   😺 


Go to Nomador Now



4. House Sit Match

  • Membership or joining fee: $89 for House sitters and free for Homeowners
  • Countries covered: Worldwide/International house-sitting jobs
  • Website: House Sit Match


House Sit Match housesitting jobs listing page


Review of House Sit Match

The owner and founder of House Sit Match, Lamia Walker, desired to see more of the world from a young age, fuelled by her family’s wanderlust who moved from Sudan to England, in search of a new and more stable life.

Together they explored Britain and Europe, sometimes renting, and house-sitting. This love of travel led her to form House Sit Match — now a trusted and established global platform which connects house sitters and homeowners.

House Sit Match have a great-looking and user-friendly website with house sits available all over the world.

House Sit Match run ID checks on all members on registration, there is no extra cost for this to the member, it is included in the price of the plan you sign up for.

So that house sitters can increase their chances of securing a house sit, House Sit Match offer an online background and police checking service from their partner Onfido.

Verified members will then have a tick displayed against their profile, so homeowners can see the house sitter has also been police-checked.  

TIP – This verification gives the house sitter a great advantage when applying for popular house sits. There are some high-profile house-sitting jobs that we only got accepted for because we had a police check.


Useful features that make this house sitting website the best

  • House sitters can gain an advantage by being verified by the police check option available 
  • One of the largest house-sitting websites
  • Reasonable membership fee 



Total HouseSit Match rating is 4/5:

😺   😺   😺   😺   


Go to HouseSit Match Now



5. House Carers

  • Membership or joining fee: $40 USD for House Sitters and free for Homeowners
  • Countries covered: Worldwide/International house-sitting jobs 
  • Website: House Carers


House Carers housesitting jobs listing page


Review of House Carers

House Carers may not be the largest worldwide house-sitting website but they were the first house-sitting website.

Some house sitters tell House Carers, that they have had better success on their website as there is much less competition for house sits, compared to other larger house sitting websites.

We’ve found some great house-sitting jobs on this website and what I love about House Carers, is that there’s an even amount of house-sit jobs spread all over the world.

Although they are an international house-sitting website — because they’re based in Australia — they have a lot of Australian house-sitting jobs available too.

They also feature some really interesting real-life stories from regular house sitters who use House Carers, on their blog.

To make sure you get to see the very latest house-sitting jobs, sign up for House Carers email notifications for free.

TIP – All of their new house sit ads get posted hourly to their Twitter account, so you can apply to them earlier. 


Useful features that make this house sitting website the best

  • See the latest house sit ads on Twitter
  • The O.G. worldwide house-sitting website 
  • Reasonable membership fee 
  • Free limited membership to start 
  • Great range of house sitting jobs available worldwide
  • Sign up for email notifications of house-sitting jobs for free


Total Nomador rating is 5/5:

🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶 


Go to House Carers Now



Best House Sitting Websites:

 Australia and New Zealand House-sitting Jobs 


There are some country-specific house-sitting websites which are the best to join when you’re travelling and plan on staying a while in one specific country.

*** Our Pick for the Best House Sitting Website for Australian House Sitting Jobs is Aussie House Sitters ***


6. Aussie House Sitters

  • Membership Fee: AUD 84 for house-sitters and free for homeowners
  • Countries covered: Australia house-sitting jobs ONLY
  • Website: Aussie House Sitters 



Review of Aussie House Sitters

Aussie House Sitters is the largest and most trusted Australian house-sitting and pet-sitting website. It’s also our go-to website when we’re looking for house sits in Australia as we find it has the largest range of Australian house sits available.

We find it a very user-friendly interface and a simple platform to use. We love that you can set up custom ‘House Sit Alerts’ so that when house-sits come up in areas that you want, you get emailed the obs straightaway.

We think Aussie House Sitters is hands-down, one of the best house-sitting websites for finding house sits in Australia.

Because it’s free for homeowners to join, sometimes the homeowners don’t place an ad, they just create a profile, browse all the house sitters then message the ones they like the look of.  We get contacted a lot that way on Aussie House Sitters.

CON’S: It can get very competitive for getting house-sitting jobs in the peak summer months in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Try going for off-peak dates and areas a little further out from the centre, to increase your chances of getting one.


Screenshot of Aussie Housesitters sitter profile

This is what your House Sitter Dashboard would look like if you joined Aussie House Sitters.


Useful features that make this house sitting website the best

  • Custom house sit email alerts so you can apply first
  • Reasonable membership fee 
  • An easy, responsive messaging system 
  • Ability to bulk reply to messages and shortlist favourite house-sits
  • Largest range of Australian house-sitting jobs


Total Aussie House Sitters rating is 5/5:

🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶


Go to Aussie HouseSitters Now



7. Mind A Home 

  • Membership Fee: AUD 59 for House sitters and free for Homeowners
  • Countries covered: Australian house-sitting jobs ONLY
  • Website: Mind A Home


Mind A Home house-sitting jobs listing page


Review of Mind A Home

Mind a Home is another Australia-specific house-sitting website, on which we’ve found an excellent range of house-sitting jobs.  You can browse all the house-sitting jobs for free and their website is one of the easiest we’ve used.

Once you’ve joined, you’ll receive an email notification with a link to any new listing, that becomes available in your choice of state. 

Mind a Home has worked to create a great user-friendly website, with a simple search and navigation functionality. They also leverage the power of Google Maps on their website, allowing you to see all listings Australia-wide or by each state.

They have a great reputation and Mindahome is regularly featured on TV and in the media.

We have been featured in the Sydney Telegraph through Mind A Home. You can read the article here which is all about our house-sitting life.


Useful features that make this house sitting website the best

  • Reasonable membership fee 
  • Excellent user-friendly website functionality
  • Your own media library to upload references, police checks and photos
  • Receive daily email notifications of new house-sitting jobs in your selected States


Mind A Home membership features page

Your Mind A Home house sitter Dashboard.


Total Mind A Home rating is 4/5:

🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶  


Go to Mind A Home Now



8. Kiwi House Sitters

  • Membership or joining fee: NZD 84 for house sitters and free for homeowners
  • Countries covered: New Zealand house-sitting jobs ONLY
  • Website: Kiwi House Sitters


Kiwi Housesitters housesitting jobs listing page


Review of Kiwi House Sitters

Kiwi House Sitters is the sister website of Aussie House Sitters and the largest New Zealand house-sitting website.

We find this is one of the best house-sitting websites when we’re looking for jobs in New Zealand, as it has the largest range of New Zealand house sits available.

The platform is easy to use and just like Aussie House Sitters, it has the ‘House Sit Alert’ feature.

New Zealanders seem to prefer this website to the international house-sitting websites and we get lots of requests to house-sit in New Zealand from this website—in fact, we often have multiple house-sit’s to choose from.

With the average hotel night in New Zealand costing around NZD 150 and even a double room in a backpackers/hostel costing around NZD 90 a night, house-sitting through Kiwi House Sitters in popular places like Mount Maunganui and Auckland for months—has saved us thousands of dollars.


Useful features that make this house sitting website the best

  • Custom house sit email alerts
  • Reasonable membership fee 
  • Largest range of New Zealand house-sitting jobs 
  • Less competition than larger websites


Kiwi Housesitters housesitting jobs listing page


Kiwi House Sitters rating is 5/5:

🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶 🐶


Go to Kiwi house sitters Now



9. House Sitters UK

  • Membership Fee: GBP 29 for house sitters and free for homeowners
  • Countries covered: UK house-sitting jobs ONLY
  • Website: House Sitters UK


Housesitters UK house sitting jobs listing page


Review of House Sitters UK

House Sitters UK is the largest and most trusted UK house sitting website. When we go to visit ‘home’ in the UK, we always find our house-sitting jobs on House Sitters UK.

And because it’s UK-specific, it has the largest range of UK house sitting jobs available.

Our family back home in the UK, don’t always have space to put us both up for the entire time we’re visiting. So we love getting the chance to get house-sitting jobs in the UK, as it means we have a place to base ourselves.

Or even getting a short housesitting job is pretty great too, it gives us a chance to get over jet lag, have our own space and get used to being back ‘home’ again, especially when reverse culture shock kicks in!

And it’s only GBP 29 to join – which is one of the lowest joining fees of all of the house sitting websites.

House Sitters UK is another sister site from Aussie House Sitters and Kiwi House Sitters too, so you’ll be able to access all the same features. House Sitters UK has the same user-friendly and simple interface to make navigating house-sitting jobs easy.

As with the others, you can also set up custom ‘House Sit Alerts’ emails, to make sure you get notifications of the house sitting jobs in the areas you want.

Even though you can get UK house-sitting jobs on other worldwide house sitting websites, we think House Sitters UK is the best house-sitting website for finding UK-specific house-sits, due to its size and the number of listings.

By joining House Sitters UK, just look at some of the amazing locations you could live in. 


Housesitters UK housesitting jobs listing page


Useful features that make this house sitting website the best

  • Super easy navigation and detailed house sit listings
  • Custom house sit email alerts 
  • One of the cheapest membership fees – only GBP 29
  • Largest range of UK house sitting jobs


Total House Sitters UK rating is 5/5

🐶  🐶  🐶  🐶 🐶


Go to House Sitters UK Now



10. House Sitters Canada


Housesitters Canada housesitting jobs listing page 


Review of House Sitters Canada

When it comes to house sitting in Canada, House Sitters Canada has got to be the best house sitting website for finding Canada house sitting jobs.

There aren’t that many house-sitting websites that exclusively cover house-sitting in Canada, so House Sitters Canada is a winner if you’re going to visit this beautiful part of the world.

I joined this website back when they were new and offering free membership to house sitters (yay me). Although even now, it’s still only CAD 59 to join for a whole year membership.

In case the layout looks familiar to you, yes it is another sister site from the lovely humans at Aussie House Sitters and House Sitters UK, so once again you’ll be able to access all the same features.

House Sitters Canada has the same simple and easy-to-use navigation so you can:

  • Filter house-sit features and regions to make finding your next Canadian house sitting job easy
  • Create custom ‘House Sit Alerts’ emails, to get notifications for house sits in the areas and dates you want

We haven’t been to Canada yet, but it looks amazing and I like to browse through the listings on House Sitters Canada, to learn about the different areas that I could go and explore in Canada.


Housesitters Canada housesitting jobs listing page


Useful features that make this house sitting website the best

  • Find house sitting jobs from all regions in Canada
  • Easy navigation and detailed house sit listings
  • Setup custom house sit email alerts 
  • Largest range of Canadian house sitting jobs


Total House Sitters Canada rating is 4.5/5

😺   😺   😺   😺  


Go to House Sitters Canada Now



Final Thoughts on the Best House Sitting Websites 

Hopefully, now that you’ve learnt what each house sitting website offers, you’ll find it easy to choose which one is right for you. 

Some international house-sitting websites are better than others—like TrustedHousesitters—based on ease of navigation, useful resources for house sitters and email alert features — so you can apply immediately when your perfect house sitting job comes up.

Country-specific ones like Aussie House Sitters or House Sitters UK are the best house-sitting websites if you’re travelling there, as they will have the largest range of house-sitting jobs for that country.

The only downside is, that some of the house sitting websites can become very competitive for getting accepted for house-sitting jobs—especially in the peak travel months for that country.

So keep that in mind when you’re travelling and applying for house-sits in popular cities.


And so that wraps our review of the Best House Sitting Websites. We hope this has helped you in choosing which one is best for you. 

And good luck getting the house-sitting jobs that you want!


Happy House Sit Hunting 🐾



If you want to know how to get started in the world of house sitting or learn tips on how to make your house sitter profile stand out, read this post on How To Become a House Sitter and get House Sitting Jobs – A Step by Step Guide.

Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, we receive a small commission. This will never cost you any extra and often, you receive a special discount. We appreciate your support 🙂


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Talia 29 September 2018 - 6:58 PM

I’ve actually been thinking about putting up my apartment up on a house sitting site. I just didn’t know which one. Thnks to your list I have norrowed down the choices. Interesting read, didn’t know Australia had their own verisons but glad to know it.
Thanks for a unique post!

Layla 29 September 2018 - 7:25 PM

You’re welcome 🙂 Hope you find someone good to House Sit for you. And thanks for reading 🙂

Neena Elizabeth Paul 30 September 2018 - 3:27 AM

A very informative blog! I hope someone writes these up for the state I live in the States!

Layla 30 September 2018 - 1:00 PM

All of the House Sitting websites on this post cover House Sits in the United States, only three are specifically Australia and New Zealand. Thanks for reading 🙂

Safia Miletus 26 October 2018 - 7:44 AM

Thank you SO much for writing this! I think you’ve really sold me on “Trusted Housesitters”… They were the ones I liked the most when I first started getting interested in house/pet sitting. I have some friends who use that website too. I didn’t know about the verification stuff, I REALLY like it!

Kristen 3 September 2019 - 5:02 PM

Thank you for providing an amazing array of potential sites-I did not realize that there were that many out there!

Layla 3 September 2019 - 6:01 PM

No worries, thank you for reading!


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